Life as a fox is a simulation game similar to Wolfquest. I created the game on Scratch. It shows what it is like to be a fox. Link


At first, a fox will come up and be your guide. It will talk and then bring you to the meadow.

Eating and drinkingEdit

You need food and water to survive. Click on the food to eat and the pond to drink. Be careful, if you drink too much, you'll drown.


You may run out of food. To get food, click the arrow that says hunt and you'll be at the forest. Catch bunnies. WARNING: When you catch a bunny, you'll lose hunger and thirst.


At the forest, you may find a pink fox. Click on her and you'll be asked if you want to mate. If you answer yes, the pink fox will go to the meadow.


After mating, in seconds, your mate will be pregnant. After a couple of minutes, she'll have kits. Remember she only give birth to kits two times.


Click on the red fox and you'll be asked if you want to fight. If yes, you'll fight. After fighting, you'll move up a rank. If you reach to level 10, you'll be a leader and the red fox will leave.


This is rated E because there is mild fighting.