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Red, the champion of Kanto, has gone missing! You, and other people that Red knew join together to find him. But it won't be easy!




Gold is the champion of Johto, and after defeating Red, Kanto. 
Pokemon trainer gold by redgaijin1991-d3hck5y



Typhlosion, lv 87

Nidoking, lv 81

Lugia, lv 79

Ampharos, lv 75

Dewgong, lv 73

Umbreon, lv 70

Description: [coming soon]


Blue is the rival of Red, also being the Viridian gym leader.
300px-Blue HGSS chapter



Scizor, lv 91

Charizard, lv 89

Pidgeot, lv 87

Arcanine, lv 84

Rhydon, lv 82

Gyarados, lv 79

Description: [coming soon]

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