Spyro's island is a video game/online game created by Cynder Rush. It doesn't exist in real life because Cynder Rush's laptop can't handle the technology required to create them. If it was real it would be avaliable on the Wii, Playstation and Xbox.


The gameplay would be similar to games like the Sims. You could play as one of the dragons or you could create a dragon using existing dragon templates as bases and then your dragon could have a cave as a house. You could take this dragon of yours to different places. There are also a series of secret places for you to explore.

The beachEdit

At the beach you can go surfing with Zap when the tide's in, or you can talk to Ember, who lays in a little stretch of water, when the tide's out.

The shopping centreEdit

I think the title says it all! In the shopping centre you can buy items to wear or put in your cave. There is also a cafe where you can eat and drink whilst chatting to charecters who may appear there.

The arenaEdit

In the arena you can fight Spyro characters such as Flame or Whirlwind. The arena is run by Bash and you collect 10, 50 or 100 gems if you win, depending on the dificulty of the dragon you fight.

Secret area: The Skylands.Edit

To get to this area point to the sky above the beach and press A, LT or right click depending what game you're using. There is Flavius' flying game here and Vathek's quiz on the history of dragons. (Don't worry! It's an easy quiz). There is also a spot where you can look out on the view.

The schoolEdit

Don't worry! You only use the gym here. In the gym there is Stealth Elf and she tests your dragon to find their score.

Secret area: Flame's caves.Edit

Here there is a constant stream of gems so it is the hardest secret place to find. You can talk to Flame and play mining game.


  • Spyro's island was origionaly going to be a fitness game for the Wii, but the idea was scrapped.
  • The beach was inspired by the beach at Camber Sands.
  • Origionaly, you was Spyro, but Cynder Rush decided it would be more fun to create your own dragon.


If this game existed it would be rated E 10+ because of fantasy violence. Also because Ember and other female characters wear bikinis in the beach.