Warriors the game is...well....A game based of warriors!

You first choose your name and clan. Then you, as a kit, are born to a Queen In your decided clan. You can choose SkyClan, but you live live in the gorge. Once you have reached six moons (months) another player who is a warrior will volunteer to mentor you and show you the controls and straragies and whatnot. Once you ahve finished your final assessments, the player who is the leader will grantyour warrior name. You catch prey nd fight with other clans (SkyClan doesn't; they fight with rouges). You can also find a mate and have kits if you are a girl. You can also train to be a Medicine cat. If you are a good enough Warrior, The leder may choose you as your deputy. You may become leader as well.


if your cat dies, you will either be reincarneted (rare), or choose to be in StarClan or just Start over from a different clan. If you murdered other players, you would end up in the Dark Forest. You cannot be in BloodClan, but you can leave and become a loner or rogue. It takes Place in the Lake or Forest, whatever you choose. (Except SkyClan, they are always in the gorge). It is a computer download. You could also choose to be in the Tribe of Rushing Water, a mountain cat, or the acients.


Rated T for Teen (or warriors fans)

Reasons: Mating and Violence, Death and Blood.